The Carnivorous Plant FAQ Field Trip Report -

Western Australia in 2007

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Maroon pitchers:
Before you draw too many conclusions, note that this plant was growing quite close to the previous green clump, but it has very red pitchers. These plants do not give up their secrets easily!

Can you see the four sundews in this photograph?

On thing that made photography a little tricky was the ground at the base of the cliff. It was sloping, wet, and slick. The importance of maintaining stable footing was made even more important because none of us dared to disturb the cliff wall--the soil was completely saturated with water and we had no interest in instigating a landslide that might kill countless Cephalotus and also three humans. Beth and I had put our shoes on to better our grip on the ground, but the improvement was not too great.

Indeed, even our best efforts were not completely successful because as I was photographing the clump above, I heard a small whoop from Beth as she slipped bum-first into the wet mud at the foot of the cliff. Phill tried not to laugh, but his self control was overwhelmed by the moment.

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