The Carnivorous Plant FAQ Field Trip Report -

Western Australia in 2007

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Downward view:
It was amazing. Any direction you looked there were things to bedazzle. This image was shot more or less downwards, looking into the pitchers from above. Look at the lovely purples in these leaves.

This more conventional view of a few widely spaced pitchers is nice. Notice how the lid undersides of the two lower pitchers are heavily veined, while the top-left one is unveined.

All of this activity was literally just a few meters away from the shoreline. However, we were in a protected cove, almost like an estuary, so the water was very quiet. The water color was also quite odd--it was tinted brown and reminded me of the blackwater I've seen in freshwater bogs. Phill assured me that the water was quite salty, though. Something about the appearance of the water dissuaded me from a taste test, so I'll have to trust Phill on this point.

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