The Carnivorous Plant FAQ Field Trip Report -

Western Australia in 2007

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Rainwater management:
While I hid from the constant drizzle under my pathetic plastic sheet, I looked up and saw that Beth had somehow convinced Phill to be her personal umbrella. Phill did not provide this umbrella for me, but I suspect this is because Beth is much cuter than I.

Hmmm, even from here I can see she's working with a really nice set of Drosera glanduligera and Utricularia multifida flowers. Damn, I wish I had seen them. Maybe she'll get her photos on line for you. I also notice that she cleverly chose to lay down in a spot that wasn't a wet drainage, unlike the rainwater streams I had unerringly been choosing to roll around in.

While she and Phill played with those plants, I walked back to the car making liquescent squelching noises with each sodden footfall.

Yes, cold misery was gnawing at the edge of my spirits and I considered hiding in the car. But then I noticed that on the unexplored side of the road, not much more than 5 meters away, there was a very nice sundew scrambling up into the tea trees. Yes, it was emerging from knee-deep vegetation wet with rain, and investigating it would mean soaked shins, but I had no option but to yield to its siren call. I stepped off the road and discovered, in dismay, that the weedy vegetation was hiding the fact that the roadside was steeply sloped downwards. I slid-skied-surfed a few meters down the hill until I came to a stop (still standing, thank you) in what was actually chest high, wet roadside weeds. I forced my way through them to get at the sundew, and in thanks the roadside plants graciously reapplied me with cold, wet rainwater.

Whine, whine, whine.

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