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Western Australia in 2007

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Compliments of Beth, here is a photograph of the habitat. That's me on the left and Phill on the right. You can see that the forest is what Phill referred to as a tea tree sand swamp. The swamp was set within a eucalypt forest.

A bit more interpretation on this photograph. You will notice I have got my pants tucked into my white socks. This is try to repell the many ticks crawling in the vegetation. Note also that I am always with my tripod--a crucial component of photography. Meanwhile, Phill is patiently and kindly carrying Beth's tripod, which she no doubt put down somewhere and forgot about. (Let us say that, in the field, Beth is at best only lightly tethered to her gear.)

Something you cannot tell from the photograph is what Phill is saying to me, which is probably something along the lines of,
"That's a rather measly specimen...much nicer ones further on."
"When you're finished with that, I've got several more species to show you."
"It's fine if you spend all day on that plant, we'll just visit fewer places."

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