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Q: What is the Nepenthes clipeata Survival Program?

A: The best way to protect species from destruction is to protect them in their native habitats. Protect the habitat, and you save not only that one species but all the other organisms that contribute to that unique habitat.

Unfortunately, there are some situations in which this is not a plausible alternative. In the example of the plant Nepenthes clipeata, the natural range of the species is tiny, and the entire known habitat has been seriously altered by humans. This plant is probably going to become extinct within 20 years.

Should we do nothing? NO! We should use what resources we have available to protect as many of the few remaining plants as possible. In 2000, an idea was hatched to protect this species. It took a few years, but a team of scientists developed the "Nepenthes clipeata Survival Program", or NcSP for short.

If you grow plants of Nepenthes clipeata, you should complete our questionnaire. We are extremely interested in learning about plants in cultivation that did not originate from Andreas Wistuba's nursery---we already know about those plants.

Learn more about the program in the FAQ Library, and do what you can to help!

Page citations: Cantley, R. et al. 2004; Cantley, R. et al. 2005; Rice, B.A. 2005b; personal observation.

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